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The mayoral election ended in a draw. Now the governor may have to intervene

After this week’s South Carolina mayoral election, which was initially too close, was declared a draw, officials say the governor may have to intervene.

Estelle residents մյուս Other members of the Hampton County community eagerly awaited to see if they could continue their two-vote victory over rival Kim E. Wiley had acting Corinne F. Towards Bowers III. Bowers is in his first term as a consultant.

They will wait a little longer.

Out of Estelle’s estimated population of just over 2,800, 2,319 are registered to vote. Some of them ran in the April 13 local elections, but each vote was valid.

In the afternoon after the election, the count showed Willie with 273 votes and Bowers with 271 votes.

Due to the already tight race and the already high emotions, the delays and confusion followed a few weeks later. Marshall Robinson, chairman of the Estelle City Electoral Commission, says no one in the Hampton area has had it before.

Two days after the primary, the vote was scheduled for April 15, but Robinson was the only one of the three members of the electoral commission.

The city council voted to appoint two new commissioners at a specially appointed meeting six days after the election.

A few days later, a three-member electoral council convened to hold an interim vote confirming the results. Robinson says eight votes were added so far.

Usually, the district sees three or four ballots in dispute, the difference between the “candidates” is bigger, so they do not make much difference.

“It was unexpected for the region,” he said.

After reconsidering those eight votes, a recount was called, and once again it changed the circumstances.

Willin և Bowers received 274 votes, և the Electoral Council again had to decide the next step.

Finally, they scheduled a recount, which usually takes place in a draw, on Tuesday, two weeks after election day.

Connected again.

Despite nearly 10 years of experience running in the election, Robinson suffered a loss. Like most community councils, Estelle’s members relied heavily on county state commissions.

The law helped provide guidance, Chris Whitmir, spokesman for the Student Council, told The Island Packet. He cited the SC 7-13-1170 Code, which, in secular language, states that in such a situation, the governor has the authority to order new elections.

And Whitmeyer և Robinson said they expect the run-off election to take place soon.

Right now, Robinson said the election is in the hands of Governor Henry McMaster. He said that he is not involved in that process, he is waiting like everyone to find out what is next.

A spokesman for the governor’s office did not immediately return a call on Thursday afternoon.

Whitmayr said the governor usually talks to local officials to make a decision that makes sense – logistics.

“It was an experiment,” Robinson said. “This is a process from which we all learn what is there.”

He said the community will be notified after the date is set.

Meanwhile, Estelle is still thinking about who will be its mayor.

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