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Doctor now a conservative hero

The term “sickly fat” does not have a clear sense of being hit by a bucket. But, of course, it seems so. If surfing your channel introduces you to TLC’s freak show tonight, especially the long-running My 600kg Life program, it will obviously be difficult to bake. The show’s super-sick captives are dying. Poor things. Can it strain your clogged heart muscle? They rely on it և it’s obvious to me (watching many episodes և excerpts in recent years) that many of the themes on the show have spent their lives perfecting the art of victimology. But one person’s statute is a sharp warning to another (in this case, a doctor). Every week, My 600 lb Life broadcasts deadly predictions or something similar from the debilitating but hypnotic voice of one doctor, Yunan Novzaradan. , aka «Dr. Now, “said the Iranian-born obesity guru-bariatric surgeon, who harshly spoke, provoked memes, who saw it all, heard it all, said no to all that. When the excuses come, Dr. Now refuses (if you forgive that) to give them a stomach, either lies and BS, or whining and deception, which are individual Bulgarian fights that are a real show. Wednesday-evening core courses. If telling the truth, calling it something that contradicts political correctness, refusing to make concessions to the victim are things of modern conservative virtues, then Dr. Now. The author of the book “The scale does not lie, people do” is very conservative. He may seem like a glutton for punishment, but he is a man for these troubled times. The people kill themselves by eating? Well, some of them become heroes after they stop lying. Launch about the show. Since its inception in 2012, My 600-lb Life has introduced more than 100 people who want to lose weight radically through bariatric surgery (followed by massive skin removal). Their amazingly luxurious presence is usually shocking. Some of the show’s featurati started the process, which weighed more than 900 pounds. The corners of the camera և the large shots show the sheer size of the mattress և reveal the many ways to adapt the body to extreme gravity by accommodating it through de facto massive rocks և moving the bulges against the background of body bumps. There are frequent grotesque afflictions, such as scenes of immobility, questionable hygiene, eating that seem unreal but are not. It can leave the viewer speechless. Or shout? “What the hell is that?” , , that “: The premise of the show is simple. Participants admit that something extremely catastrophic is happening, that drastic measures are being taken to prevent death, that they must go back to the Doctor Now program in Houston, committing to an aggressive weight. Loss The regimen includes diet (it’s all about intake) իկական Exercise to meet Dr. Now’s shocking (milder than us) reduction targets. (Typical meme: “You have thirty pounds to lose weight”). If all goes well (or ends well because it never goes well during this show), surgery may include circulatory systems, gastric bypass, or vertebrae. gastrectomy և other procedures. This is the first goal. Surgery is a little more than the beginning of the end. It’s the only designed way for people to achieve extra, significant weight loss. Dr. Now some of the patients have lost more than 500 pounds. As a health issue, achieving my original goal of 600 kilograms of life deserves a well-executed answer. And a job well done acknowledges that achievement. However, the entertainment aspect of this reality-themed television material is more motivating than applause. That’s because my 600-pound life is disturbing. How can it be when the viewer immediately finds himself uprooting the topic of the week? Because they are obese, obese people deserve to be obese, as status holders claim. No. Contempt or something close to it comes from the fact that the participants are seen as the scapegoat, the pity of self-pity, the refusal to eat. They cause confusion when frustrated, beat their inadmissible figures, rationalize unleavened bondage, lie about devotion, lie about eating habits, lie about hiding pizzas in hospitals. The most disturbing thing for me is that they sometimes make children perform uncomfortable caring roles. The task of a teenage son is to clean the folds of the mother with a cloth or a cleaning brush. Can viewers’ contempt be deliberately promoted by the tricks of the show’s producers? Hard shoes still hardly make a good TV. So the money is there. The weekly fare of my 600-pound life ranges from complete failure (one quits the program, ignores Dr. Hai’s instructions, refuses counseling, etc.) to success achieved in crooked and bumpy ways, two steps forward – one step backward variety. And the success is. Doctor Now declares his satisfaction, announces his decision (alone to suggest or deny) to prescribe surgery և share the search terms. Success is not easy. It is achieved through the monotonous hector of the 77-year-old surgeon. He cut in English with posture, alarming painting, which tells the truth about force և for dusty cookies, a strange star in the visual environment, but a star. However, in the age of Necessary Pity ակի Nanny, when Americans are afraid to call a naked liar a naked liar, instead sanctify the imaginary victim, a compassionate but unfettered emigrant realizes that he is engaged in a deadly (literally) serious business. He realizes that he can not allow the portable patient to justify gaining 20 pounds without a direct counterattack. Given Dr. Hai’s bluntness, this patient, who was already on his way to the grave, would arrive sooner. Conservatives must smile in order not to leave lies indisputable. To shake the system, the fabulist must be told directly that he is lying, that his excuse does not deceive the person who is trying to help save that life. , Doctor Now enjoys the position he should take? Probably not. But whether he knows it or not, he has emerged as a refreshing image of leadership that is lacking in America’s cultural caves. He is an exemplary species who is severely absent from the waking presidents of corporate councils of universities. His words are dumb, just necessary. (“No, you do not have to eat anything. You have 800 pounds of food.”) They are equal to all who need the good of the truth (“You do not breathe”) 🙂 If necessary, they can consist of accusations against anyone who does business և worsens the habits of his obese patient. When it comes to empowerment, Dr. Now does not hesitate to use the death rhetoric card. If necessary, there is just anger. But Dr. Now. Armed with facts of a scale that says no fiber, և his ears, familiar with all possible jargon և alibs that come with his trade, are usually restless when it comes time to ask the patient, so how about everyone? Get ready for a confrontation, at least from the point of view of the patient. For the doctor, however, the next ice bath is a requirement. There is life to be saved here. Lying is a powerful enemy. They cannot be saved. And Dr. Now does not obey them. There are as many examples of this as there are episodes. Choosing one at random. Holly Heger corresponded to the banknote – it was over 650 pounds. His initial compliance with Dr. Noah’s weight loss requirements yielded minimal results. During his examination with a well-known physician, Holly demonstrated protection against ignorance and immaturity. Dr. Now is called BS. Holly, stop playing games and lie to me. You know exactly what you are doing when making a choice. I’m not going to play alongside this. You behave like a child who does not understand, so everyone refuses to try, forcing you to do what is right. It will not work on me. He confessed. He had unpleasant thoughts about chocolates. Thoughts prevailed. “So,” said Dr. Now, “chocolate is more important to you than living.” First and foremost, it’s all about life and death for a Houston surgeon. And it is inspiring that in this TV show, which is in the midst of TLC accumulators և the rapidly falling in love, the very close sisters և too many women, the mutilated legs և the bead suffering և, there is evidence that there is someone in the culture under our attack , who will tell the truth, who will reject the lie, who will call them when he sees them, who will resist the glorification of the false sacrifice, who really wants the best for people, even especially for those who need help but have little sympathy. Her name is Yunan Novzarada. She is crooked, has a funny accent, needs a new hairdresser. But for this right-winger, he is a conservative hero, an American.

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