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The strangest criticism of Biden’s speech GOP



Although lead pipes are bad, Biden’s ideas are worse, which means that lead pipes must, in fact, be very good.

Republican criticism of the president’s speech shifted from defending toxic plumbing to the interrupted iPhone, which was a fitting symbol for a non-inspiring 65-minute address.

When Mr. Biden addressed a joint session of Congress, the GOP broadcast the event live on the hottest topics of the night.

The president of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlip, aimed to replace Mr. Biden’s program with 100 percent of the country’s leading pipelines as part of the American Work Program.

“I have lead pipes in my 100-year-old house. Some can not be removed. Joe Biden is going to replace them. Enough”:

A former Donald Trump spokesman told Fox News expert Kaylee McKenney that it was difficult to watch a hypothetical, non-inspiring speech.

“The old school iPhone cell phone has exploded. It can be clearly heard in Biden’s message, it’s perfectly appropriate,” he wrote on Twitter.

Marjorie Taylor Green was concerned about the indoctrination of a free preschool և community college for Americans.

“A federally funded school between the ages of 3 and 20 does not seem to be education, it seems to be indoctrination. Everything at your expense. “In the form of forceful taxes,” he wrote.

Fox News wondered what happened to all the vaccinated politicians wearing masks, despite CDC testimony that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks.

An official RNC Research report shared concerns that the three fully-fledged Democrats were wearing masks, and RNC researcher Ach Parkinson was concerned that the president was more interested in his friend Xi Jin than in the corridor.

“Biden has spent more time talking to Xi Jinping than he has to working with Republicans in Congress,” Parkinson wrote on Twitter.

During his speech, Biden repeatedly returned to China, while briefly referring to Russia, Iran and North Korea.

GOP minority leader Kevin McCarty said everyone could be saved for a while.

“All this could just be. To be a mail, ”he said.

Fortunately, the White House emailed the president before his speech.

According to Fox News, host Sean Hannitt called it “Biden mess.”

“The small steps he takes while walking, the small elbows, it seems like an effort, there seems to be no vitality in how he approaches it,” Mr Hanni said.

At the same time, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz belonged to sleeping during the broadcast.

“#BoringBut radical,” Mr Cruz tweeted.

Do not blame Jason Miller. Mr. Trump’s former adviser did not vote for Mr. Biden.

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