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The sumo wrestler dies a month after falling on his head during a fight

TOKYO (AP) – A Japanese Aponian sumo wrestler died a month after falling on his head during a fight that raised questions about the sport’s response to medical emergencies.

Hibikiriu, 28, died of acute respiratory failure on Wednesday, the Sum Aponia Sumo Association said on Thursday.

The wrestler, whose real name was Mitsuki Amano, was thrown by his opponent during the March 26 tournament. The footage of the match showed that he fell hard on his head, lay on his face for a few minutes while the sumo officials watched and waited. arrived paramedics.

The wrestler on the stretcher was conscious and told the sumo officials that he felt that his lower body was paralyzed, but his condition was improving in the hospital, reports Nikkan Sports newspaper.

Sumo officials told Japanese media that it was unknown whether Hibikiryu’s death was linked to his injury. There was no immediate comment from his family.

Japanese Apon media reports that medical specialists did not stand for first aid. Wrestlers are expected to stand on their own two feet, while medical experts are on site but not standing on the edge of the ring.

The ancient Japanese sport, which was originally part of the Shinto religion, faced reforms, including an emergency medical և banning women from entering the ring, which is considered sacred.

In 2018, the association came under fire after demanding that the nurse and other women leave the ring as they entered to provide first aid to a collapsed official.

Hibikiriu made his debut in 2011, rising to 24th in the 200-man sandwich class, the fourth highest in six sumo classes.

Another young, low-level sumo wrestler, Shobushi, died last May at the age of 28 after contracting a coronavirus and developing pneumonia.



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