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The suspect in the Arizona murder escapes from the officers near the Atlanta airport

COLLEGE GE PARK, GA. (AP) – Police are looking for a murder suspect after near Atlanta airport when she fled from sheriff’s deputies who were taking him back to Arizona.

Officials say Carlos Strover left two Marikopa MPs while they were getting out of a rented car at the airport.

Strover, 20, is wanted in Arizona for murder and attempted murder. On April 12, he was arrested by U.S. marshals in Atlanta on other charges but was already wanted in Arizona.

Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat told reporters that Strover fled after breaking the legs of lawmakers so he could walk up the stairs.

“They removed the leg braces to accompany him down the stairs. At that moment, he passed them,” Labat said.

According to the police, Strover was last seen in a blue jacket, white shirt and sweatshirt, but he did not have shoes. He was handcuffed at the waist and had a “risk” tattoo on the front of his neck.

Dozens of officers from various agencies found Strover in search of dogs and helicopters on Thursday.

Officials warn that Strover is dangerous, but say they do not believe he has a weapon. Police are urging anyone who notices him to call 911.

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