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The suspect is charged with two GoFundMe campaigns designed to fatally stab a man in Washington

A senior college student has been charged Deadly stabbing of an Asian American man Outside the apartment complex in Botel, Washington, which, according to eyewitnesses, was an “indisputable” attack on Sunday night.

Details. On Wednesday, 25-year-old Ian Patrick Williams was charged with second-degree murder after being held on $ 2 million bail when Botel police found him in his apartment minutes after being stabbed at the entrance to Beardsley Villas on 112nd Avenue. Giro 7:,

  • According to police, the 29-year-old victim, Yon On Huinh, was leaving the building with several people, including his wife.

  • Williams, who lives on the third floor of the building, allegedly pointed a finger at him, to which Huine replied, asking if he was “cutting him or handcuffing him,” witnesses told police. Seconds later, Williams stabbed him in the chest.

  • Police said Williams was found with “bloody cuts on his arm” in the bedroom of his apartment on the third floor of the same building, where the victim had left. Court documents show that his mother, who shared the apartment with him, told police that Williams was “very upset and said he had been attacked by an anti-dermatologist.”

  • In the bathroom near Williams’ bedroom, police found a folding knife with a 3-inch knife, which was allegedly a murder weapon. The mother told police she took the knife to open the boxes.

  • Witnesses said they had never met before the incident, and investigators said it turned out they had no prior relationship.

Investigation: The investigation is “just beginning,” said Cam John Onson, a public relations officer at Bothel Police, as police continued to search for the motive.

  • “I know a lot of questions have been raised about the motive, this investigation is just beginning,” said Bottle Police Captain Brian Keller. Komo News:, in response to the investigation of the case as a hate crime.

  • Some witnesses suggested that the Greek seemed to be targeted because of his race, while others commented that the attack seemed unanswered.

  • Bottle Police urged anyone with information to contact their business at (425) 486-1254.

Support to the victim’s family. Two GoFundMe-tested campaigns have been set up to support the victim ընտանի’s family և Funeral service fees.

  • One organizes Simi Malen On behalf of another Greek widow, Rumet, by his cousin, Woman Tran, For Hyun’s parents.

  • As of this writing, they have raised more than $ 68,000 և $ 13,000, respectively.

Special image via: Simi Malen (left) Woman Tran (correct)

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