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The top 5 high schools in the country are in Miami, according to US News & World Report

Florida’s top-ranked high school և the nation’s fifth-best remains here in Miami, according to US News & World Report 2021

The School of Advanced Studies continues to dominate the annual list of the best high schools in the country. The school has five universities at Miami Dade College, where selected juniors and seniors graduate from high school with a college associate degree.

SAS dropped slightly from No. 4 to No. 5 in 2020. The best high school in the country remains the Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology in Virginia by ranking.

Florida High School is no longer on the list until Sarah Pine View School No. 29. Pine View School was named the best magnetic school in Florida and the 12th best magnetic school in the country.

The top five Miami-Dade High Schools are SAS, Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School, Design and Architecture S High School, iPrep Academy, and International Research Charter High School. The five Broward High Schools include Pompano Beach High School, Somerset Art Conservatory, and William T. McFather Technical Center, Tsipres Bay High School և Sheridan Technical College.

In Florida, Miami-Dade High Schools topped the state list of the top six schools in the world.

Other highlights include the Archimedes High Conservatory School in Miami, which ranks 12th in the Republic in the list of the best statutory schools in the report.

See the full list of ratings here.

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