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The United Nations is urging countries to take steps to prevent drowning

UN Nations. (UN) – The UN General Assembly on Wednesday called on all countries to take action to prevent drowning, which has caused more than 2.5 million deaths in the past decade, 90% of them in low- and middle-income countries.

The 193-member global body co-sponsored by Bangladesh և Ireland’s Co-sponsored Resolution is the first to focus on drowning. It designates July 25 as World Choking Day.

The Assembly emphasizes that drowning is “prevented” by using “low-cost interventions” and calls on countries to consider water safety, swimming and first aid as part of their curriculum. It encourages nations to designate a “National Center for the Prevention of Drowning”, to develop prevention programs in the country, to adopt and implement water safety laws.

Unlike Security Council resolutions, General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding, but they reflect world opinion.

According to the UN, the highest rate of drowning in the world is in Africa, and the highest number of drowning deaths is in Asia.

“Drowning is a problem of social justice, which disproportionately affects children and adolescents in rural areas. “Many countries state that drowning is the leading cause of death for children, and that drowning is one of the top 10 causes of death in the world for children aged 5-10 and 14,” the resolution said.

It notes with “concern” that the official global estimate of 235,000 deaths a year from drowning does not include flood-related flood-related climate events or water transport. This has led to “a lower representation of drowning deaths in some countries,” it said.

The Assembly says that “water-related disasters are affecting more and more millions of people around the world, in part because of the growing impact of climate change,” that floods are affecting more people than any other natural hazard, with drowning being the leading cause of death. is the reason. floods. “

The Ambassador of Bangladesh Rabab Fatima said at the meeting after the adoption of the resolution: “Imperative to act on drowning is not just moral or political. It is impossible to maintain the economic price equally. “

He said drowning was a major cause of death for children in Bangladesh, a region of South Asia, and called for a “preventive action”.

“Ireland’s ambassador to the United Nations, Eraldine Byrne Nason, called the July 25 resolution” a day when the world should focus on preventing drowning and preventing deaths. “

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the World Health Organization’s global ambassador for non-communicable diseases and injuries, said: “Encouraging governments to take effective measures to prevent suffocation will save thousands of lives and address this urgent health issue.”

“We have the tools to prevent those deaths, and we must deal with them now,” he said in a statement.

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