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The “urban flight” raises the prices of village houses

Property in Cornwall

More isolated houses have become popular

One of the reasons for the increase in house prices in rural areas is the evidence of urban flight. The fact that workers move from cities to villages.

Property values ​​in less densely populated areas have risen almost twice as fast as in urban centers.

The epidemic has prompted the search for space, both indoors and outdoors.

But the research center said many people still live in overcrowded homes.

Various studies have shown that in Cornwall, such as Cornwall, such as property demand, և resulting in prices.

High demand from buyers has led to higher prices rising across the UK.

According to the Resolution Fund, since February 2020, prices have risen by more than 10% in the 10th most populous part of the UK local government, while the most populous deciles were 6%.

The Housing Perspectives report also suggests that smaller, more limited properties, such as housing, have become less attractive to buyers compared to larger homes.

Amp-stamp customs holidays have boosted the purchasing power of first-time buyers rather than first-time buyers, allowing them to buy more property.

But the research center, which focuses on lower-income people, says it is too early to say whether these trends during the epidemic will continue in the long run.

It warned that one in five low-income households had their first blockade in an overcrowded home, with more people of all ages now living in overcrowded homes than they did 20 years ago.

The economist of the “Resolutions” foundation Kara Paciti said. “For many families, fleeing the country is not just a dream; their overcrowding during the epidemic must be addressed.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told lawmakers that government intervention in the housing market during the epidemic was supporting the wider UK economy.

He said the extension of the budget stamp holiday was “to make the transition normal”.

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