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The White Legislature compares refusing to apply a mask to Rosa Parks

& lt; p & gt; White California lawmaker Jessica Alexander compares refusing to wear a mask to Rosa Parks & lt; / p & gt; (Temecula City Council)

White California lawmaker Jessica Alexander compares refusal to wear a mask to Rosa Parks

(Temecula City Council)

California’s white lawmaker compared the refusal to wear a mask to a racial justice protester, Rosa Parks, who had to sit in the back of a bus during a time of racial segregation.

Masquerade politician Tem esica Alexander, a member of Temecula’s political council, came under fire for comments he made during a debate over continuing virtual meetings.

And he referred to the image of Rosa Parks, a black woman who in 1955 refused to give up on a bus for a white man in Montgomery, Alabama.

“Look at Rosa Parks … She finally took a stand and moved to the front because she knew it was not legal,” she said, citing a video of the meeting on YouTube.

“It simply came to our notice then. What time of year do we do it? ”

He added. “I am being pushed back to the bus.”

“This is what I’m telling you, it ‘s like me.”

Veteran of the Ine Oy Corps, a former New York Police Department officer, said he “could not” wear a face mask during the outbreak.

“It’s not that I want to be disrespectful. But the fact of the matter is, when is it enough? ” he said.

Located an hour north of San Diego, Temecula is a city of 114,000 people, according to health officials. According to Covid-19, there were 7,455 deaths from 78 deaths.

The council ended the vote 4-1, and Ms. Alexander voted “no” to continue holding virtual public meetings until June.

His comments drew criticism from civil rights leaders.

“Choosing the privilege of wearing a mask in your office or sitting comfortably in your office during public meetings is not the same as choosing the incredible sacrifices of Rosa Parks, so many other victims, to choose to fight for the right to live freely. institutionalized segregation, “said Tissa Rodriguez, Riverside Democratic Party leader Press-enterprise,

Independent: turned to Mrs. Alexander for comment.

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