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Three Colorado officers resign as a result of the brutal arrest of a woman suffering from dementia

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Immediately after taking office, each new president takes a picture, and then the contrast between the pictures is always so strong. Remember that just a few months ago, President Biden used his inauguration to warn us that we are in a “winter of danger and probability.” There was “a lot to recover”, “a lot to recover” and “a lot to cure”. “Several periods in the history of our nation” was more “challenging or difficult” than the period during which Biden took the helm. “Now, just 100 days later,” he can say without hesitation, “America is on the move again.” “After 100 days of salvation, renewal” the country is not only in motion, but “ready to fly.” If you have not noticed. “We are working again. Dreaming again. Rediscovering. Leading the world again. ” And everything thanks to our hero, the president. Do not worry, the previous administration’s “fast speed” operation was responsible for developing the vaccines that are our only ticket to this epidemic. Do not worry that even Dr. Anthony Faus, who is not a friend of Donald Trump, called Biden a liar because he had to start distributing vaccines from scratch. Do not forget that in the last two quarters of 2020 the economy grew by 33 և 4% (in the first quarter of 2021 it grew by 6.4%). Do not worry that his diplomats have begun to recklessly apologize for touring the UN. Do not worry that his climate envoy is pulling the genocide aside, our main geopolitical rival is pursuing it by not concluding climate agreements. Do not worry that he is pursuing a pointless climate policy that kills jobs and alienates allies. Do not worry, he refuses to rule out court packaging, actively advocates for federal control of the election, and tarnishes his political opponents as the propagandists of the new Jim my Crow. Biden asks, “Our democracy [can] Overcoming the lies, anger, hatred and fears that have separated us »և claims that we can answer ‘yes’ only if we fully accept its agenda. “It’s democracy in action,” we are told. Dream Discovery Leading. Maybe you suspect Biden of claiming to be the savior of the country, angry, even for doing so. Of course, it is frustrating for us to have the right to listen. It further categorizes the tendency of the media to curb the delusions of the president’s supremacy, to encourage his worst instincts. As much as talking about another FDR is a good thing, I would be against a comparison like the former president և JRB Jr. But about Biden’s exaggeration, the danger we had before his arrival on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as relative safety. ությունը The prosperity we now enjoy is not his new invention. Do you remember the “American massacre”? The opening salvo of Trump as President included this beautiful description of the country. In our inner cities, mothers in poverty, children, rusty factories, scattered like gravestones in our nation, the education system is full of cash, but young, beautiful students, deprived of all knowledge, crime, gangs, too many drugs, living thieves. և to rob our country of its unfulfilled potential. This American massacre stops right here, it stops right now. Barely a month later, Trump sang different tunes in front of both houses of Congress. Now begins a new chapter of American greatness. The new national pride spreads all over our nation. And a new wave of optimism is within our power to hold the impossible dreams firmly. What we are witnessing today is a renewal of the American spirit. Our allies will see that America is ready to lead again. All the nations of the world, friend or foe, will see that America is strong, America is proud,: America is free. While this hyperbole is a little less irritating to anyone, despite my political preferences, Trump’s assertions are still easily recognized as self-defeating. Why do presidents so shamelessly regret the state of the country before going through the doors of the OVAL office and then welcoming it when they only spend a little time inside it? Because their political followers believe in them. Consider Morning Consult’s daily survey of Americans’ opinion on whether the country is moving in the right or wrong direction. Pay attention to the two points where the Republican-Democratic data indicate the places of trade. They take place in January 2017 ին in January 2021, the last two presidential surrenders. Of course, you expect some correlation between personal party affiliation and the White House’s “country development views.” But this strong connection is unhealthy for a number of reasons. This means that our policy has become a team sport with more than one horse. Party members not only run reflectively to their corners. they also allow for a relatively short-term change in one office as a controlling factor in understanding the country. This suggests how much the Congress, the supreme branch of government, is ignored by the electorate: Perhaps it is true, given that our professional legislators have little interest in legislating. This implies that they disregard the competence of our state և local self-government bodies և, which in many cases should have the greatest impact on our daily lives. And finally, it implies a trilateral failure. We, the voters, courts, congresses, allowed the executive to accumulate much more power than it should. In the first case, because we like to reap the benefits when our son controls it, in the second – by mistake, in the third – by cowardice. Joe Biden’s assessment of his first 100 days in office is exaggerated, if not to say that it may not be new, but it is a sign of a number of troubling trends in our politics from which no party “hero” can save us.

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