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Trump ally Chris Kobach announces new policy bid after losing to Kansas Gov. Senate race

& lt; p & gt; Republican Chris Kobach announces his intention to run for Kansas Attorney General & lt; / p & gt; (Getty Images)

Republican Chris Kobach announces plans to run for Kansas Attorney General

(Getty Images)

Republican Chris Kobach has announced his candidacy for the post of Attorney General of Kansas, returning him to state policy after his unsuccessful candidacy for governor of the US Senate.

The polarizing Conservative first signaled a political move by appointing his treasurer as Kansas Attorney General. He then held a press conference on Thursday to confirm his candidacy.

“Since the federal election, the Biden administration and its allies in Congress have ignored the constitutional limits of federal power over a number of issues, from attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights. “The most powerful officer who can counteract such unconstitutional actions is the Attorney General,” said Mr Kobach, hinting that he would take over the White House if elected.

Prior to this election, Mr. Kobach served as Kansas Secretary of State from 2011 to 2019, and was closely aligned with former President Donald Trump.

Mr Kobach’s relationship with the president included working on a commission set up by Mr Trump to investigate possible irregularities during the 2016 election race. This commission was later dissolved after they could not find any evidence of widespread fraud.

He then went on to run for governor in 2018, but lost the race to Democratic nominee Laura Kelly, which was frustrating that Kansas was falling behind the Republicans.

Mr Kobach also tried to run for the US Senate in 2020, but now lost the Republican primary to Senator Roger Marshall.

This candidacy for Attorney General could be a test for Mr. Kobakh and Mr. Trump, as it could show that the former president is still dragging out the GAP in 2020. After losing the presidential election.

Mr Kobach had previously renounced independent ավոր moderate Republican voters’s restricted immigration policies կո ​​strict voter identification laws.

He made headlines, becoming the first prominent Kansas official to support Mr. Trump when he ran for office in 2016.

In addition to promoting tough immigration reforms, Mr Kobach has vowed to harass the state government when running for governor so that the state can focus on tax cuts instead.

Mr Kobach wanted to replace the current attorney general, Republican Derek Schmidt, who campaigned against the state governor in next year’s election.

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