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Trump says Liz Cheney is a “belligerent fool” who “would embarrass his family by running for president”

trump card Liz Cheney's warlike fool

Donald Trump has labeled Liz Cheney a “war idiot.” Getty

Donald Trump has hit out at GOP spokeswoman Liz Cheney, labeling her a “belligerent fool” who would “embarrass her family” if she ran for president.

The former president used the statement sent by his leadership on Tuesday by the PAC to attack Cheney, who has been a staunch critic in recent months.

Trump speculated that he was going to give up his re-election race in Wyoming ahead of a possible 2024 presidential election.

“Liz Cheney has a very low turnout in Wyoming, she has so little support even from the Republican Party in Wyoming that she is looking for a way out of her race in Congress,” Trump said.

He added. “He will either be a lobbyist again or he may confuse his family by running for president to save face. “This belligerent fool wants to stay in the Middle East and Afghanistan for 19 years, but he does not see the big picture: Russia and China.”

Trump’s comments come after Cheney failed to run out of potential presidential candidates in a poll this week.

“I do not decide anything from inside or outside. “There is never a long time,” Cheney told the New York Post.

After losing the November presidential election, Cheney became the thorn in the side of the thorn, one of less than a dozen Republican lawmakers calling for impeachment following the Capitol Uprising.

He also called on Republicans to take a new approach to the Trump era.

“We can not become a QAnon party,” he said in February.

“We cannot become a party to Holocaust denial. “We can not become a party of white supremacy.”

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