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Trump’s organization has accused taxpayers of renting luxury cars in its undisclosed golf resorts.

Donald Trump Golfs at Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Donald Trump Golfs at Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire, Scotland Photo by Andy Buchenan / AFP

  • U.S. taxpayers paid thousands of dollars in 2017 for previously undisclosed visits to Donald Trump’s resorts in Ireland and Scotland.

  • The Scot reported on the expenses shown to taxpayers by Trump’s son Eric during his stay in the Secret Service.

  • The receipts provide further evidence of how the former president’s family has benefited from his tenure.

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The Scottish report was based on invoices and expense records received by Oversight, a Washington-based ethics observer.

They showed previously undisclosed expenses, which included a $ 7,500 bill from the Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland, dated 2017.

It is unclear who visited Turnberry that month, the Scotsman said, but Trump’s son Eric flew to Scotland last month to play golf at his father’s resort.

The newly identified costs include a $ 7365 invoice from Trump Dunbeg Resort, Ireland, dated July 22, 2017 և 23 to cover the cost of deploying the Secret Service. In April 2017, Eric had another 9,300 invoices from Doonbeg Resort to cover his secret service during a separate trip.

Records show that thousands of dollars were levied on US taxpayers to rent luxury cars during Eric Trump’s visit.

The executive director of American control, Austin Evers, said to the Scot. “No one cares about the Trump family gaining protection from the Secret Service, but every time they charge their security data to stay at the Trump Hotel, thousands of taxpayers’ dollars fall into their pockets.”

Recent revelations provide a broader example of Trump’s record for taxpayer tax collection during his tenure.

Trump’s fortune has reportedly raised at least $ 8.1 million from US taxpayers since taking office in January 2017. President Mar-A-Lago Golf Club even charged taxpayers $ 3 for a glass of water when Trump hosted former Japanese Aponia Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida. resort

Trump was criticized when Politico reported that members of the US Air Force had stopped at his Turnberry resort for days, which the report said “increases the likelihood that the military helped keep Trump’s Turnberry sanctuary afloat.”

The Secret Service spent more than $ 1 million just staying in Trump-owned resorts during his presidency, according to the Washington Post.

Insider contacted Trump for comment.

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