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Twitter says it blocked Uncle Team’s trend after Tim Scott’s speech

Twitter blocked the “Uncle Team” tag early Thursday morning, which began to develop after Senator Tim Scott rejected President Biden’s request at a joint congressional session, a company spokesman said. National overview.

A Twitter spokesman said the platform decided to block a trend called black Republican Tim Scott, who gave the GOP the “Uncle Team”.

“This is in line with our Trends policy, in particular: ‘We want Trends to promote healthy conversations on Twitter.’ This means that sometimes we can prevent or temporarily prevent content from appearing in Trends until there is more context. This includes trends that violate the rules of Twitter, “said the Twitter spokesman National overview by mail:

Scott called the trend on Thursday morning “disruptive” and “so frustrating” that it showed leftists “literally attacking my skin tone”.

“You can not go out of your way, according to the left wing of the liberal elite,” he continued.

Twitter did not say when it decided to block the trend, which many commentators noted late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Although the platform did not specify which rules violated the trends, Twitter’s policy on “Hateful hatred” prohibits: “Repeated (or) uncoordinated swearing, epithets, racist-sexist rhetoric or other content that humiliates anyone.”

Responding to Biden’s message Wednesday night, Scott said he “felt the pain of discrimination” and “other forms of intolerance.”

“I am called ‘Uncle Tom’ by progressives and liberals, and the word ‘n’,” he said. “Just last week, a national newspaper said that my family’s poverty was actually a privilege because one of my relatives had a generation on the land before me.” Washington Post: “Fact-checking” his family history.

But Scott said, “We have made tremendous progress,” that “America is not a racist country.”

“Combating discrimination is a step backwards. “And it is wrong to try to use our painful past to end the current dishonest debates,” he said.

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