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Two suspects accused of mutilating Vietnamese-American man GoFundMe set up for surviving family

EDITORIAL NOTE. The details of this article include information that some readers may be concerned about.

New details about a Vietnamese-American man in Indiana whose body was found dismembered were released on Tuesday.

The original report. Shane Nguyen, 55, was found dead in a crashed car at 1,500 on Forest Park Boulevard in Fort Wayne on April 25, according to WANE:, who first reported about it on April 26.

  • According to the Fort Wayne Police Department, Nguyen was last seen leaving the Allen County Memorial on April 23 at around 3 p.m.

  • On April 24, authorities announced that Nguyen was missing and issued a silver alert. At around 5 a.m. on April 25, officers chased Nguyen’s stolen car into the Lake’s Colosseum and then found it abandoned and crashed into the back of the house.

  • Male suspects: Matthew J .. Kramer, 21; Jacob D. Carreon-Hamilton, 20; և Cody Clementes, 20; They were arrested on the evening of April 26, 2010. They are all in custody. Clement introduced himself.

  • The original report said: “Police found Nguyen inside, who died at the scene. It is not clear who was driving the car. “

Terrible details confirmed. Police found a dismembered body in a van filled with rubbish. reports NBC of Fort Wayne,

  • The video of the monitoring also showed that Keron-Hamilton was driving a van with Kramer in one of the stores of Frayn Wayne at around 11 pm.

  • Officers searched for a reserve unit, where they found a bloody tarpaulin մեծ a large knife with Nguyen’s belongings.

  • Kramer told police he asked Nguyen to turn from Elkhart to Fort Wayne and plan to kill him before he reached his final destination, according to the statement.

  • While at the spare, Kramer put Nguyen in a pipe until he fainted. Nguyen hit his head on the concrete as Kramer pulled his body out of the van արան into storage.

  • According to the police, the trio drove to Goshen’s shops: a tarpaulin, a knife, a saw, a gauze, a plastic bathtub, two shovels and a large knife with the money stolen from Nguyen.

  • Keron-Hamilton kept Nguyen’s body down, while Clemens dismembered Nguyen’s body, reports Newsweek:,

  • Kramer and Kareon-Hamilton threw Clementes down to “get rid of the body” before returning to “Fort Wayne”. It was then that the police began to pursue them.

  • Caron-Hamilton claims he has no idea what happened until they went to the warehouse.

  • Kramer appeared in Allen High Court on Tuesday, charged with murder, resisting law enforcement and abusing a corpse. Keron-Hamilton is accused of resisting law enforcement, aiding a criminal and abusing a corpse. Clementes has no charges as of this writing.

  • Kramer is being held in Allen County Jail on a charge of murder without connection. Carreon-Hamilton remains in Allen County Jail with a $ 15,000 bond.

The grieving Nguyen family.Nguyen’s cousin, Tran Hoang, organized a GoFundMe: page for the Nguyen family raised more than $ 140,000 of its $ 20,000 goal in one day.

  • Nguyen leaves his wife և two sons, Ethan և Noah, 20 և 17 years old.

  • She was described as a devoted father, husband, and community member.

  • “He will always be remembered for being kind, welcoming, and available to help anyone in need,” Hoang wrote.

Special image via ABC21 WPTA

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