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Uncle Sam does not own girls’ dormitories or showers

L:here: On Saturday, Ozarker College sued President Biden. Although we did not do so weakly, the Biden administration’s radical, unilateral actions to violate women’s privacy and religious freedom with little concern for the text of our laws left us with no choice.

Ozarks College, which economist Steven Moore calls “Work U work” Wall Street Journal:, is unique among American higher education institutions. No student in our college pays tuition. rather, every student works at a university, religious freedom is celebrated, and everyone is held to high moral standards. Founded by early missionaries in 1906, the college has provided financially disadvantaged students with the opportunity to work for a clear Christian education.

All students participate in the work-educational program to help pay for their education. Vocational Education Program որ Donor contributions enable Ozarker College to operate as a Christian college without education. The College also maintains the classical, Christian K-12 School, which completes the K-College’s size to provide students with an integrated experience of Christian teaching.

However, on January 20, 2021, the Biden administration began to take swift and decisive action that threatens our ancient Christian beliefs, punishing religious schools, organizations, and churches simply because of the biblical view of marriage and biological sex.

Just three weeks after President Biden’s first day order, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a rule requiring religious schools to open their dormitories, including dormitories and showers, to members of the opposite sex. The directive asserts that the 1974 Law on Fair Housing Changes require those changes, but that law does not do that.

Thus, we had to file our claim, in the person of the Alliance for the Protection of Freedom (ADF), to protect our female students և the integrated Christian education that we provide so well. The lawsuit alleges that the HUD Directive contradicts the historical judicial interpretation of the Fair Housing Act, which states that “sex” means what everyone knew then հիմա what many people now know to mean is biological. Gender: The lawsuit alleges that the Biden administration “published this bureaucratic proposal in violation of laws that required them to make a public contribution. An opportunity that we would use to highlight the drastic impact that this executive action has on the religious freedom of educational institutions.

This policy, developed by President Biden, forces Ozarker College to make a decision to protect its religious freedom from government action or to violate our core cause of existence. Young women should not be forced to share private spaces with men, including showers and dormitories, և a religious institution should not be forced to betray its religious beliefs. Government threats include lenient fines that can easily add up to six figures in addition to punitive damages վճար attorneys’ fees. Violations of the Fair Housing Act can even put someone in jail.

Ozarks College is a Christian institution. The vision of our vision is to “develop Christlike citizens who are well-educated, hardworking, and patriotic.” We take our commitment to faith seriously; we believe that President Biden’s actions are at odds with religious institutions, forcing them to oppose their religious beliefs, which are protected by the First Amendment.

Such an outrageous violation must be shocking. This is America, a country of free people, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this does not feel free ազատ does not look like. Instead, a small, private Christian college in central America suddenly encounters something in Orwell’s novel. 1984The Biden administration declares it a freedom for all. it is quite the opposite, ցավ, unfortunately, it will only further divide our great nation.

Today this case concerns religious colleges. Tomorrow it could be about other colleges, schools, churches or businesses. The Constitution protects our freedom by dividing power and limiting state powers. When the government exaggerates, Ozarks College և ADF will defend freedom, especially religious freedom և We hope you will join us.

The wolf is near the door. Unfortunately, his name is Uncle Sam և he needs to be stopped.

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