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US Secretary of Transportation երկրորդ “Second Mr.” promotes infrastructure supply

Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigig and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff visited Raleigh on Friday to promote President Biden’s $ 2 trillion $ Infrastructure Plan, which the president presented in a speech to Congress Wednesday night.

In that proposal, the Biden administration called for investment in the restoration of highways, transit roads, upgrading of waterways, broadband access, and the protection of green infrastructure workers’ right to join the union.

If the proposal becomes law, states and counties can apply for grants, which will allow them to prioritize their own projects, The News & Observer reported earlier in April.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband, Butigig և Emhoff, made three stops in Rally. Timers Union Hall northwest of Riley, NC Centennial Camp և Rally Union Station downtown.

They held a press conference at the station to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Amtrak, whose first train left New York City for Philadelphia on May 1, 1971.

Emhoff և Butigeg was joined at the press conference by Governor Roy Cooper, Rally Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin, US Representative David Price, Deborah Ross, both Democrats.

“The governors of this country have been waiting for a long time for an infrastructure bill,” Cooper said. “The comprehensive infrastructure bill will be crucial for the restoration of our state, this country.”

The Biden administration claims the offer will create millions of jobs. Ross said those jobs should be created in North Carolina and the rest of the country.

“None of this work can be involved. They are for our American employees. “Everything from that NC State engineering candidate to a union worker to a high school graduate who can pave our roads,” Ross said.

Baldwin noted that the Raleigh Union Station, which opened in 2018, could provide more housing and transportation access to the area with more federal funding.

“We need the American Action Plan because we want to be the city of the future,” Baldwin said.

Butigig said the offer would begin to remove the country from the car-centric transit system.

“If you ride a bike, walk, use a wheelchair, travel will be safer for you, because transport is more focused on people, not just cars,” said Butigig.

Butigig և Emhoff talks to local trade union representatives

Emhoff և Butigig spoke with local representatives of the AFL-CIO, the United Transit Union միջազգային and the International Brotherhood of Electricians at the Timers Union.

Butigig spoke about how the climate part of the infrastructure supply is not limited to high-level entry positions, but to trade workers, especially those working in construction.

“These are not mysterious works,” Butigig said. “We are talking about carpenters, people who need wiring.”

Emhoff spoke about the need to invest in clean energy to benefit the general public.

“Climate should not be a political issue. “Everyone needs clean water, clean air,” said Emhoff. “This is not controversial.”

NC tour

Butigig, Emhoff, Price և Ross toured the NC State Centennial University as university students and faculty showed them infrastructure research and development.

They observed when researchers tested the ultra-high-performance beam strength of a steel-fiber alloy in concrete to withstand greater force.

“What we have just seen in NC is a great example of the interaction between the private sector, academia and the public sector,” Butigig told a news conference at Ruth Union Station.

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