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Voting groups are calling for federal intervention in Arizona, where a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist is conducting an “audit” of 2020. Elections


This Thursday, 2021. In an April 22 archive photo, former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett speaks at a news conference about the 2020 Arizona Senate’s 2020 audit of the Arizona Senate Voting Order. The Judge Who Hears the Challenges of Voter Privacy Policy as the Republic of Arizona Controls the Arizona Senate in 2020 In a recount of 2.1 million ballots, he said he was not convinced voters were confidential. AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin:

  • Voting groups urged the Justice Department to “deploy federal observers” in Arizona.

  • The groups are concerned about the efforts led by the republic to conduct an “audit” in 2020. Elections:

  • Those efforts are being led by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists.

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Voting human rights groups express serious concern over Arizona 2020 For the Republican effort to “audit” the election, he asked the US Department of Justice to “deploy federal observers” to maintain some 2.1 million ballots in the Marikopa district.

In a letter sent to the Department of Civil Rights on April 29, advocating for Brennan’s Justice’s Democracy եք Leadership Conference Center, the audit, which began last week, threatened voting rights.

The Cyber ​​Ninjas were elected to the Senate of the Arizona GOP-led state, although they had no prior election experience. Its founder, Doug Logan, has touted the #StopTheSteal conspiracy theories behind his then-deleted Twitter conspiracy, claiming he was chosen not for his expertise but for his credibility with others who also believed in election fraud spread by former President Donald Trump. denied allegations.

In their letter to the federal government, the lawyers said they believed Arizona Republicans were violating the law.

“In particular,” they write, “the parties are violating their obligation under federal law to safeguard ballots in federal elections that are in danger of being stolen, tampered with or irreparably damaged.” They allege that the parties “are going to take action that unlawfully intimidates voters into violating the Voting Rights Act and other federal laws.”

The Department of Justice did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cyber ​​Ninjas has so far not been able to reveal exactly how it intends to detect illegalities that were not detected by the previous two inspections by trusted companies. For the first few days, his temporary staff and guerrilla volunteers saw the UV lights popping up on ballots, clearly trying to prove that President Joe Biden’s victory in the county was the result of fraud.

That process put ballots “at risk of irreparable damage,” lawyers said.

The company also prevented the entry of legal journalists. CNN reported on Thursday that its reporters had trouble finding a place even when special access was granted to the far-right One America News Network, which broadcasts the scene live.

The Republican-majority Marikopa District Council confirmed Biden’s victory last fall and fought the state party’s efforts to hand over ballots to a pro-Trump third party.

The methods of the Cyber ​​Ninjas are the basis of a lawsuit filed by the Democratic Party of Arizona, which demanded their publication. The state court agreed that the company issued three documents on Thursday outlining its security policy.

In an interview with Insider earlier this week, the party’s leader, Rakel Terran, said ballot counting was a “fraudulent audit” designed to accommodate conspiracy theorists and justify new voting restrictions. The party is currently reviewing the published documents.

Sen. Karen Fan, the Republican senator who elected Cyber ​​Ninjas, who provided him with the $ 150,000 ballot, did not respond to requests for comment.

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