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17 stars removed from major films

You might think that celebrities find it easy when it comes to job security. But while it is true that famous actors have a certain level of privilege, there are no guarantees in the entertainment business, which means that they can lose their jobs like the rest of us. We are not talking about actors who chose to leave the project, but those who were asked to go, leading men or women who were replaced because, for one reason or another, they did not work out. Read on to see the 17 stars removed from the mainstream, For celebrities who have almost missed out, check out these 50 motion pictures that almost went to someone else. 1 Jul Uliana Moore. Can you ever forgive me? Julianne Moore has repeatedly spoken of being fired from the lead role in “When Can You Forgive Me?” To Andy Cohen, “Watch What Happens Live.”[Original director Nicole Holofcener] fired me. Yes, that is the truth. I think he did not like what I was doing. “I think his idea of ​​where that character was was different from my idea of ​​where that character was, so he fired me.” Mariel Heller later took on the role of director of the film, which ended up as Melissa McCarthy’s infamous literature. The fake Lee Israel, a role that earned him an Oscar nomination. 2 Colin Firth, Paddington Paddington is one of the most beloved heroes of all time. “Paddington 2” is now called the biggest movie ever, but imagine if the bear voiced Colin Pirt instead. Before Firth left Paddington, it was clear that he was not working in that role. Director Paul King told Entertainment Weekly: “Once the real visuals of the character are revealed, you suddenly go.” It’s just a young, soft creature. ” Somehow, it just did not have [Firth’s] voice I remember he saying. “I’m struggling to find a voice.” I was going. “Is he younger?” Is it more enthusiastic? ” It slowly became clear that Paddington did not have the voice of a very handsome old man who had the most beautiful voice on the planet. “Ben Wishow finally voiced about Paddington.” 3 Ryan Gosling, “Beautiful Bones” Ryan Gosling drank the melted ice cream to gain the weight Sal Salmon needed to star in “Beautiful Bones” by Director Peter’s “(We read a lot,” Gosling told the Hollywood Reporter. “We didn’t talk much in the preparation process, which was the problem,” the actor said. “It was a huge movie, there’s so much to do, he couldn’t do it alone. to deal with actors. I just found myself on the set, I misunderstood. I was fat and unemployed at the time. “Mark Wahlberg took on the role of mourning father. 4 Edward Norton, The Avengers At the moment, Mark Ruffalo is the only Bruce Banner Incredible Hulk that Marvel Cinematic Universe fans care about, but the series took on the role of Edward Norton. Only in 2019 did Norton find out what really happened in an interview with The New York Times, explaining why the Hulk transformed for the Avengers. There were creative differences, he said, noting that he was waiting for a “long, dark, serious” journey for the hero. But it was also a financial decision by Marvel, which is why Norton called the announcement of his departure, which denies any “monetary factor”. “Cheap պաշտպան brand protection.” 5 Megan Fox, Transformers. It is not surprising that Megan Fox was released from the Transformers franchise after she said that director Michael Bay “wants to be Hitler on his set.” But I sing it a little surpri that the final decision was made by executive producer Steven Spielberg, Bey told GQ in 2011. “Hitler’s thing,” he recalled. “Just fire him,” Steven said. 6 Terence Howard, Iron Man 2 Like Edward Norton, Terence Howard says he was fired from the MCU over a salary dispute. Watch what is happening live, Howard told the story of his side. “It turns out that the man I helped become Iron Man… when it was time to resurrect the second, [he] Robert Downey Jr. never commented on the role Howard thinks he played in “Amy” Roddy “Rhodes’ transformation, but Don Cheadle took the coat in” Iron Man “2, և has since played War Machine. Find out more about the MCU story Marvel Movie 13 Facts Even Massive MCU Fans Don’t Know: 7 Jud Udi Garland, Puppet Valley The shooting of Judy Udi Garland from Puppet Valley is a well-known Hollywood story. Inspired by Garland, the singer blamed director Mark Robson ոն “Gentlemen [Garland] who supplied him with wine and other things? As Duke recalled, “When he was finally called to the set, he could not do very well. He collapsed.” The role of Helen Lawson ended with Susan Hayward. 8 Eric Stoltz, Return of one of the most infamous shots of future cinema. Eric Stoltz had five weeks of filming atheism as Marty McFly before being canceled “Back to the Future” and replaced by Michael F. Fox. According to Gaines’ book on the creation of the Kaizen Film, “Don’t Need Roads,” Stolz simply took the role very seriously. He used “Method” in a way that harmed the other members of the cast, did not bring the necessary humor and charm to create. movie: And for more memorable trips, here are 13 TV shows that have lost their stars. 9 Natalie Portman, Romeo + Jul oulet 9 The New York Times 1996 interview with Natalie Portman describes her departure from Baz Luhrmann ‘s Romeo + Jul oulet as a reciprocal decision, but it was made by 20th Century Fox executives. that he was too young to be convicted of Capulet. “Fox said it looked like Leonardo DiCaprio was chasing me while we were kissing,” Portman recalled, being replaced by two-year-old Claire Danes. 10 Samantha Morton, her Scarlett Johansson, provided the memory of the sound of the operating system “Samantha” in her, in fact, the romantic lead of the film, alongside Joaquin Phoenix. But as director Spike Jon Onze told Vulture, Samantha Morton recorded the passage and was replaced by a post-production. “Samantha was on the set with us. It was amazing. “It was only during the post-production that we started editing that we realized that the need for a hero / movie was different from what Samantha and I had created together,” wrote Jon Onzen. “So we’re rewriting, Scarlett has taken on that role ever since.” 11 Harvey Keitel, Apocalypse Now The Harvey Keitel was famously removed from the Apocalypse Now, six weeks after it was put into production, when Captain Benjamin L. Willard played Martin Sheen. Keitel says the experience led her to give up acting almost completely, given that she was “bad news in Hollywood.” In fact, it was difficult for me to get a job at all. ” According to the film’s editor Walter Murch, Kaitlyn can actually be seen in one shot of the finished film. And for more remarkable shots, take a look at these 6 celebrities who were fired after being accused of racism. 12 James Ames Remar, Aliens Character actor James Ames Remar was cast as Hicks in the movie Aliens, but before the movie could push him to the star of the action movie, he was fired. “I had a terrible drug problem, but I overcame it. “I had a great career, I had a personal life, I messed with that horrible drug habit,” Remar said in the Sidebar window, according to IndieWire. “At first I was hired as Corporal Hicks, I was fired after a few weeks of filming because I broke down for drug possession, and Michael Bien replaced me.” 13 Holly Hunter, Chicken Little Zach Braff finally voiced the title character in the Disney movie Chicken Little, but when the character was cast as a female, the famous actor Holly Hunter took part. Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner simply said: “I do not want [Chicken Little] “To be a girl, I want to be a boy,” producer Randy Fulmer told Collider. With that change, Hunter was to be released. 14 Richard Gere, Lords of The Flatbush in a 2006 interview with Ain’t It Cool News. Sylvester Stallone explained what led Richard Gere to fire the film “Lords of Flatbush”. After the physical quarrel, Stallone remembered. “The director had to make a choice. One of us had to go, one had to stay. Richard gave his footsteps և I still do not like him very much. “And for more fun, which you transfer directly to your inbox, subscribe to our daily newsletter. 15 Kevin Spacey, “All the Money in the World” in one of the most famous fires of all time Kevin Spacey was replaced in “All the Money in the World” after he had already shot the entire film. Following allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor for the first time by BuzzFeed News, director Ridley Scott told The Guardian: “My decision was made almost immediately. I said: “We have to do this again.” I did not suffer. I never talk about the problem, I just talk about the solution. «Paul. The screenplay starring Paul Getty starred as Christopher Plummer, and the late actor ended up earning an Oscar nomination for his performance. 16 Stuart Townsend, “Lord of lords.” Rings Aragorn could have been very different in Peter Acks Exxon’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Irish actor Stuart Townsend first starred in the role before being replaced by Viggo Mortensen. “I was there for two months of training, then I quit my job. “The day before filming started,” Townsend told Entertainment Weekly (via the Irish Independent). “After that, I was told they would not pay me because I had broken my contract because I had not worked long enough. I was having a rough time with them, so I almost calmed down before they said they would not pay me. “According to Townsend, the acks axon changed his mind and decided he needed an older actor to play the role.” 17 Lori Petty, Demolition Man Before the demolition Man was very successful, it was a showcase for future star Sandra Bullock. However, Bullock was not the first actor to play Lieutenant Lenina Huxley. It would be Lori. Pete, who was fired due to “creative disagreements” at the time. Producer Elle Silver told Variety: In his memoirs, co-chair Nigel Hawthorne wrote that Pete was dumped when Bullock was out of reach. Pete was then kept on standby. whose six weeks. “As a result of make-up tests on the fittings of the clothes, and then he was immediately fired,” the film concludes. And for more remarkable rewrites, revisit these 16 TV actors who were replaced, as if there was no big deal.

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