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“When Philip met Missy” is a new real crime document today

Find Your Roots (8pm PBS NC) – Broadway veterans Audra MacDonald and Mandy Patinkin study their family history.

Philly D.A. (9pm, PBS NC) – We receive the third installment of this new Independent Lens document, detailing the dramatic work done within the office of Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a fiery civil rights advocate who has won the DAin 2017 campaign. to become titles? In the aftermath of the tragic death of a Philadelphia police officer in Series 3, Larry’s campaign promise to never carry out the death penalty is finally being tested as his family և the police union demands his execution. Lives and reliability depend on the balance of the DA’s biggest decision to date.

When Philip Meets Missy (Discovery +) – The special story of this new real crime tells the story of what happened after 72-year-old Philip Snyder told his neighbors in Hartville, Ohio, that his 70-year-old wife, Roberta, had died of natural causes. He said that his wife got sick, he put a flag in the ambulance, which took him, but he can not remember more. Shortly after Roberta’s disappearance, Philip befriended a newcomer named Missy, and rumors began to circulate. The police received the rumors and started an intensive investigation. Discovery + (this is a unique message, not a TV one) promises a period of “amazing, evil turns” that viewers will not see.

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