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While progress has been made in NC prisons, more needs to be done

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Worrying problems in NC prisons

One of the largest government agencies, the NC Prisons Division, has had a number of troubling issues over the past few years.

In 2017, two correctional staff were killed by offenders at two different correctional facilities in Berti and Pascotank Correctional Facilities.

Correctional commander Megan Callahan was killed during an attack on a prisoner. A few months later, four crew members were killed while trying to escape. They were Correctional Officer Wendy Shannon և Just Astin Smith, Correctional Officer Veronica Darden և Maintenance Mechanic Geoffrey Howe.

The first crew member was killed in a series of attacks by criminals since 1991. It was 1975 before the assassination of a crew member.

These deaths in 2017 were a shock to us who worked to make corrections in our state.

Until 2019, things did not get much better in the prison department. Prison commissioner Todd Ishin said in a report that the vacancy for correctional officers was almost 21%.

On average, two correctional officers were beaten daily in state prisons.

Although progress has been made with the agency, much remains to be done. One initiative supported during this legislative session is Senate Bill 501.

This organizational change would pay immediate attention to the needs of the correctional system by the governor, the General Assembly of the National Assembly, and the public.

That would make our correction system better. That would make our state better.

Boyd Bennett

Former Director of the NC Department of Prisons 2001-2009 Correctional officer, 37 years old,

Senator Phil Berger և NC Schools

As for the “Head of the NC Senate. The Republican vision of North Carolina is clear “(April 22 opinion).

In 2012, when the Republicans took control of the Azerbaijani legislature, the budget was supposed to include a multibillion-dollar deficit, so public schools were in the cut-off, and other teaching assistants were laid off in addition to other teaching positions.

During the 2013 session, Republicans cut taxes on corporations և the rich.

In 2014-15, the state budget spent almost $ 500 million less than required to maintain the status quo in the classroom.

If we had teacher assistants in our virtual classrooms, how much better would our children be during this epidemic?

Republican leaders in North Carolina prefer to place children of color in private or statutory schools rather than investing in public education.

Instead of investing in all the children, only the richest or poorest people who can take the bus away from their families, friends և neighborhoods can use the resources և connections that lead to higher education երի jobs to help them stay afloat.

And systemic racism continues. Did NC Senate President Phil Berger forget about Harvard 2014? The study by which Charlotte died in recent poverty for economic mobility.

Doesn’t Berger know about the prison pipeline from the North Carolina Accelerated School? It removes vulnerable students from classrooms and courtrooms, criminalizing common disciplinary issues.

For decades, the state planned to build prisons rather than invest enough in all of our children.

Berger writes that North Carolina has become one of the best states in the country, however, “Education Week” ranked North Carolina K-12 secondary schools from 50 to 37 and gave the state an “F” according to student expenses.

In addition, 11.3% of North Carolina citizens are uninsured. This is one of the highest rates in the country, above the national average of 9.2%. However, our GOP lawmakers continue to refuse to expand Medicaid coverage to the 1 million people in North Carolina who do not have health insurance.

We can do better.

Karen DuBoze, Charlotte

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