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Who is fighting against the governor of California Newsum to remember the election?

It has been almost 20 years since California voters recalled the governor and voted Republican. With more than 1.6 million signatures validated, the latest effort has been formalized; at the end of this year, Democratic Gov. Gin Newsom will be among the nominees yet.

At least nine people have announced their candidacy, including Caitlin Ann, a transgender Olympic activist, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Folconer, and businessman John von Cox.

Even if strategists warn against comparing this reminder to the case in which the tactical movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was finally inducted into the governor’s mansion, the growing list of conventional, non-traditional candidates is already captivating the public imagination.

Former adult actor Mary Kerry, who was nominated in 2003 when Governor Gray Davis was recalled, announced her intention to run this month, and Los Angeles’s Queen Billboard, who also resigned in 2003. Nominated, added his name to the list. And here is Sam Galuchi, a pastor who has become a technology entrepreneur who runs to “bring California back” to restore “the soul of our state.”

Government officials have not set an election date. Prospective candidates must submit nominated documents about two months before the election.

Still, when about a dozen people have already promised to run, this year’s recall may have the same holiday as the previous one, which attracted more than 100 candidates.

“There is still a long way to go for the candidates,” said Rob Stutzmann, a Republican strategist in the Schwarzenegger administration. “It is too early to disable who the candidates will be and how all this will happen.”

Caitlin’s friends

Longtime Republican Caitlin Enner, a former Olympic reality TV star, announced her candidacy for governor last week, posing as a “heartbreaker” campaigning for “solutions” to “paving the way for prosperity.”

“Over the last decade, we have seen the Golden State shine in a one-party system that puts politics at the forefront of the people’s special interests. “Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision,” the statement said.

The men rejected President Donald Trump, but LGBTQ groups criticized his candidacy, citing his previous support for Trump, who they say worked to undermine the defense of the trans community.

“Do not make a mistake. We look forward to electing a #trans Governor of California. But years later, @Caitlyn_Jenner told the #LGBTQ + community to trust Donald Trump. We saw how it happened. ” Twitter posts: Equality California, a state non-commercial organization of civil law.

Kevin Faulkner

Image. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner (Just Astin Sullivan / Getty Images File)

Image. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner (Just Astin Sullivan / Getty Images File)

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner was one of the first Republicans to announce his candidacy months after he attacked Newsom. In a relatively unknown state, Faulkner described himself as a compassionate conservative who leaned toward social issues but to the right over fiscal issues. Folconer shunned anti-immigration rhetoric and tried to stay away from Trump, even though he voted for him in November.

“I believe the people of California want change,” Polkoner said in February. “Looking at the reality, we all love our country, but what we see is jobs running away. “Our state cannot follow the basics.”

Folconer’s biggest challenge will be overcoming the lack of recognition of national names, but he can benefit from 2014 to 2020 as a member of all the community councils as mayor.

“The Faulconer is clearly in it,” Stutzmann said. “She’s still the leader of the Republicans for a while, but people have to step up, get approvals, make a name for themselves, right now, the Caitlin people are confusing them all.”

John on Cox

In 2018, Con Cox was nominated for governor and lost by a double-digit number. And like Faulkner, he was quick to call for a possible election.

“I am a businessman, not a politician,” he said in a video announcing his candidacy in February. “A time for a new beginning.”

Cox, a 65-year-old lawyer, became a multimillionaire while moving into a number of professions, including accounting, part-time potato chip company, investment manager and real estate mogul, before starting politics, NBC Los Angeles reports. He used the high cost of living in the state, accusing the Democratic majority in Sacramento of not spending too much.

Cox, a Republican, has also been nominated twice in the US House of Representatives for the US Senate in Illinois since 2000. He was the presidential candidate in 2008, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Doug Oze

Former Republican Congressman Doug Ozen, who briefly ran for governor in 2018, announced his candidacy for Newsom in March.

“The people of California are tired of having a governor whose subject matter is hypocrisy, self-interest, half-truths and mediocrity,” Ose said in a statement. “Newsom joins unions in closing our schools while sending their children to private schools. He eats at some of the state’s finest restaurants and tells others to stay home. control. Enough “:

Oss says voters are calling for a new leadership for Newsom’s slow release of Covid-19 vaccines following long-running coronavirus rules that have closed businesses and public schools across the state.

Sam Galucci

Embrace Senior Pastor Sam Galuchi. Located in a coastal town northwest of Los Angeles, Oxnard Church is also the Founding and Executive Director of the Kingdom Center, which, through its campaign, provides emergency shelter and transitional assistance to women and children at risk.

Gallucci started in the technology space with IBM in 1981, gaining its fortune as the CEO of PeopleSoft CRM, which in 2004 acquired Oracle for more than $ 10 billion.

“I will take California in a new direction, I will return our great state to its people,” he said during his campaign on Tuesday.

Like others fighting Newsom, Gallucci noted the California homelessness crisis, worsening forest fires, and the economic downturn during the coronavirus epidemic.

Mary Kerry

Former adult movie star Mary Kerry was nominated in 2003 when 135 people jumped into the race. In an interview with San Francisco-based KGO-TV, Kerry said he was “young, dumb and funny” when he first ran for office, but that he was mature enough to focus on politics. He was 10th in 2003 when he ran as an independent.

“I have big plans for California,: it’s time for someone to lead a new leader with an outsider,” Kerry, whose real name is Mary Cook, said in a statement this month.


A familiar scene from a billboard in his pink Corvette or while touring Los Angeles, Angel recently told Los Angeles Magazine that he had been “thinking” about running again “for quite some time.”

“Last time he went crazy,” he told the magazine. “I am now an experienced politician. When I was little, I wanted to rule the universe, but I wanted to make sure everyone was happy. Who wants to be the master of sad sacks? ”

En eni Re Le Rou

Redding businesswoman Enni Re Le Roux, based in Shasta Trinity National Park in Northern California, is working on a data-driven technocratic platform, according to her campaign website.

He cites empowerment, listening, and solving as his core values, saying on his Facebook page that the state is “a mess, but the people of California are hungry for change.”

Grover Coltharp

Grover Coltharp, an insurance broker, says California needs a “non-career politician, not a wealthy elite” to represent the working class, small business owners and the wealthy to create an environment of unity in our state for our growth. economy, ”reads his pre-election website.

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