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Wright, Elles is vying for Texas House seat in Texas election

The wife of the late US representative Ron Wright, Susan Wright, is ahead of the representative of the state, Ake Ake Elsie, who is fighting for the 6th term of the Congress.

According to unofficial figures from the New York Times, Wright has 15.73% of the vote, compared to 15.71% for Elsie. Two months after 19, the two split by just 10 votes. Democrat Yana Lin Sanchez was behind them with 14.01%.

Twenty-three candidates are running for the 6th round of the Texas Congress, formerly held by the late US envoy Ron Wright, who died in February after battling lung cancer և COVID-19. The county covers most of Arlington and Mansfield, as do Ellis and Navarro.

The race has attracted national attention as former President Donald Trump’s attempt to rock the disputed territories. The district has historically been dominated by Republicans, although candidates are running on both sides of the aisle.

There are 11 Republicans, 10 Democrats, independent Libertarians. Given the large field, it is assumed that the race will be between the top two voters of the second voter. Political observers observe who goes to the second round, what political parties they represent.

Republican nominees include Susan Wright, Elles, who was nominated for the post in 2018, and Brian Harrison, who served under Trump as chief of staff for the Department of Health and Human Services and former professional wrestler Dan Rodimer. Among the Democrats are Sanchez, who was nominated for that seat in 2018. And losing to Wright by less than 8%, Lydia Bean, in 2020. Democratic candidate Texas House 93, Sean Lassiter, non-commercial leader, former teacher.

Candidates և their supporters have been calling on voters in recent days. Trump got acquainted with the race as early voting took place, with voters arriving Thursday at the Wright TV building hosted by the National Conservative Club’s Growth Club.

“Susan is a staunch conservative who will fight for our first American agenda to make America great again,” Trump said.

The growth club has focused most of its attention on supporting Wright by questioning the conservative credentials of state representative Ake Ake Elsie. Wright և Elles is considered one of the leaders in the Republican Party. Elles defended his post by walking with former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who served as Trump’s secretary of energy.

“I do not do such things, I do not respond to it, so they can do whatever they want, but I know that the people I live with here in Waxhach, Texas … do not respond well to that kind of media. “Such demonstrations, especially from our own party,” he said. “Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a conservative, I’m proud to be that way.”

Sanchez took to Facebook on Saturday, where he encouraged district voters to help turn blue.

“Choose your congressman. “Vote for me, ana ana Lynn Sanchez – elect your school board members, your council members քաղաքապետ your mayors,” he said in a live Facebook video.

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