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Wyandotte County eases COVID-19 restrictions, but not as much as John Onson County

The Kansas City, Kansas City, United States Government has passed a new COVID-19 health ordinance that eliminates the requirement to wear masks outside, but in many cases, the public still wears masks inside.

Jobs and visitors to public housing for ages 5 or older are required to continue wearing masks. Masks can be worn in bars or restaurants when visitors eat or drink.

Masks are not required when everyone is vaccinated indoors.

There is no requirement for social distance in the open air.

The latest U.S. government order is very similar to the one approved by the Kansas City, Missouri Exxon and Clayplate districts this week.

It’s not as far as the Son Onson County Council of Commissioners decided on Thursday. That action abolished all mandates of wearing masks and social distance. The John Onson County is now only making suggestions.

«“We really feel that at the moment this is not an appropriate step to completely remove the health orders,” he said. Public Ulian Wang Lee, Director of the Department of Public Health, United Public Administration. “And that’s because the mask he wears inside remains strong.”

United Government lawyer Misty Brown explained that the demand for a closed mask extends to public places.

«“I think technically, if it were no private place open to the public, I think technically they would go beyond that,” Brown said at a Joint State Committee meeting.

The order also applies to the towns of Edwardsville and Bonner Spring, which are smaller towns in the Vayandota area.

Commissions on Thursday urged residents to get vaccinated.

«That’s my challenge, Vayandota District. Get off your bats, get your shot, right? ” said Jane Ein Filbrook, 8th District Commissioner.

In the Wayandott district, where about 15 new cases of coronavirus are seen every day, about 28% of its residents have received at least the first dose of the vaccine. Every fifth person has completed the vaccination.

Health officials are concerned that demand for vaccines has dropped significantly. At the end of March, the county fired about 5,500 shots a week. The figure is now about 1,500.

“We are a little concerned that we do not have a little bit of the demand that we had,” said Alain Greiner, United Kingdom Government Medical Officer.

The minimum odor immunity, the point at which a sufficient number of people are immune to COVID-19 that continuous spread is unlikely to occur, is considered to be 70%. Greiner said that at the current rate of vaccination, the Vayandotta region will reach herd immunity by early next year.

“It’s been a long time,” Grayner said. “We would like to see it happen much faster.”

Anyone 16 years of age or older has the right to be vaccinated in the Vayandott district.

«“We continue to encounter people in our community who simply do not yet know that they և their family members have a right,” Van Liv said.

In particular, the Vayandota region is trying to increase the rate of vaccination among men, females and young adults, all of whom have low doses.

The county plans to launch mobile vaccination teams that will send staff to businesses, organizations or those who cannot easily leave their homes.

“We have to get to where people are,” Wang Lee said. “We have to get to where they feel safe.”

More information on cellular vaccines can be found at

The state of Vayandota continues to maintain three mass vaccination sites. The days from May 10 will change.

▪: Arm room, 100 S. 20th St., Wednesday through Saturday

▪: Former K-Mart Building, 7836 State Avenue, Monday through Friday

▪: Former Best Buy Building, 10500 Parallel Parkway, Monday և Tuesday

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